Sunday, April 12, 2009

Made It Back Alive!

BAM ZAM! 6:21, the PJ (private jet) just touched down at Burbank Airport. I fucking refuse to fly into LAX. I. Fucking. Refuse. After this, off to Stroup's for Easter Dinner.

For those of you that didn't catch SNL last night, it was incredible! A total laugh riot. A. Total. Fucking. Laugh. Riot. Zefron was fantastic. After the show, Zefron ditched all those theater fags that make up the SNL cast and joined myself and D-Bag for some late night debauchery. We headed over to Angels & Kings. Now I know what you are thinking, Dave, that place isn't really up to your usual standards, and trust me I completely fucking agree. They serve drinks that cost less than ten dollars... disgusting. You will never catch me in an establishment that has a drink available for a mere $3. Never.... except for last night, can't say no to Zefron! Plus, D-Bag was all about it. He ran into some friends (check out the pic at the bottom of the post, D-Bag is completely toasted!) For those of you that live under a fucking rock, Angels & Kings is owned by Pete Wentz of The Fallout Boys. Not really my cup of tea, when it comes down to it, like me, Pete Wentz is fucking rich, and I can get with that.

The night is a total fucking blur. D-Bag and I were drinking throughout the entire taping of SNL. Secuirty at 30 Rock is so fucking barbaric. They tried to tell me we couldn't bring in outside drinks into the taping room. I said if you can provide me with a drink like the one in my hand, a glass of Macallan Fine Rare Collection 1926 on the fucking rocks, nothing else. Nothing. Fucking. Else... then I'll be happy to purchase one.... otherwise I'm drinking this fucking drink. They started a scene trying to take the drink away from me... D-Bag texted L.Michaels and got the whole thing taken care of. I mean could you believe this guy, a bottle of Macallan Fine Rare Collection 1926, cost $38,000... that's probably more than that piece of shit makes in a year.

Till next time folks!

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